Swarms on Saturday

I am with an American tour group in the old town of Dresden… From everywhere we hear different sounds, music, noises. A good challenge for my vocal cords and for my guidance style because the external influences are more intensive and “louder” than on a normal Saturday morning.

The sun is shining, we have beautiful fall weather, but it is a little cool and that gives us a clear view of the surrounding mountains in the Dresden Valley. Me and my tourist group are standing near the famous porcelain Prince’s Prosession between three other tourist groups and suddenly we hear beautiful piano music at the Schlossplatz. A pianist has placed his grand piano on the castle square and gives a beneficial concert for the flood victims of last June. Right next to him a large bright yellow bouncy castle obstructs almost all passage to the palace of Dresden. Several dozen children of various ages and skin colors jump around in this amusing oversized trampoline. Their parents are in groups and look at the spectacle smiling.

For two weeks the city of Dresden has celebrated the various cultures and nations that live here with the “intercultural days” – showing, how openminded and respectful people can be towards other cultures. The atmosphere is relaxed, almost all people are high spirits and the weather stays great until the evening . I myself aglow with excitement and my group of American tourists is just as fond of the infectious happiness of the children as well as by the parade of oldtimer cars on the Theatre Square .

On such days like yesterday, it is wonderful to live and work in Dresden!



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