Historic Old Town – guided walk

From A like Augustus the Strong to Z like the Zwinger - there are countless (hi)stories that can be told about the historic center of Dresden: there's a church without a parish, a fire that burnt down the opera, a french emperor on his way home from Russia and countless romances and conflicts between the royals of Saxony. Of course, we will also mention a darker part of Dresden's history: the city's destruction in World War II did not only destroy churches and palaces, but also the lives of many Dresden families. The reconstruction is still going on today and along the way you'll discover that some of the seemingly "old" houses are in fact very young...

Let's pick out the highlights of 800 years Dresden and tell you the most important facts and episodes of Dresdens history.

Tour length: ca. 1,5-2 hours

Price: 95€ (group price)

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