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Christina Avdi

„Life writes the best screenplays“, Fellini once said.

I was born in Berlin, grew up in Athens, studied in Würzburg and have been living in Dresden for 15 years by now – so much about the basic facts of my life. But let me give you some more information, that might be more interesting: I was raised bilingual, mastered both German studies and art history at university and now work as a freelance journalist as well as tourist guide in three languages (German, Greek, English). Does this make enough for a hollywood movie?

I like the small stories and anecdotes, and that’s what I offer my guests. Of course I won’t be talking about my personal life – maybe some of my impressions and experiences in Dresden – but I’ll tell you the story of Dresden. There were so many rulers of Dresden, all with their own quirks and tragedies who left their marks in the cities appearance.

Here is my motivation: in one or two hours I show you the rough draft of a dazzling European city and your imagination will make it a great Dresden movie!

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