Review: Guided tours for “German Films Previews”

“City guides out of passion”, that’s what we like to call ourselves – not only because we love the city of Dresden. Our German job title is “Gästeführer” which contains one of the nicest part of this work: “Gäste” = our guests or clients. Whether they are from Dresden or from far away, every group has their own reasons to go on a guided tour in Dresden and we like to learn about that. We often accompany family or class reunions on their city trip to Dresden, meet scientists of their congress visit and international students who have enrolled in a German university.

Cristina and guests in the Zwinger
(Photographer: Sven Claus)

Of course we have our “favourites” among the different guest groups and one of these hightlights took place a month ago: a guided tour for the “German Films Previews“, a meeting of the international film industry. Even though we often guide international groups, we seldom find our clients to be from so many different countries – more than 80 persons from all over the world were in Dresden to watch German films and promote them later on. Australian, Brasilian, Chinese, Denish… the list of nationalities was long.

Divided into groups and provided with colored bracelets, our guests started with a short visit to different museums in the Dresden castle and Zwinger. After that, we took a walk through the historic center. Zwinger, Semperopera and Frauenkirche were among the sights we explained, but of course we also gave some information on Dresden nowadays. Our client’s questions were diverse and we really liked to get to know the different perspectives on Dresden and Germany.

We hope our guests liked the guided tours as much as we did and would really appreciate if we meet back next year for another “German Films Previews” meeting!

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