Happy Easter from Dresden!

Winter took its time this past season… both to come and to go. Only two weeks ago, the Elbe river banks were covered with snow. The happier we are now that spring has finally taken over.

Easter time at the Golden Rider statue

Taking a stroll along Hauptstraße in Dresden’s Baroque quarter Innere Neustadt I couldn’t help but buy myself some icecream in the parlor right next to the Golden Rider statue. Sitting there and watching tourists go by, the contrasts of the surrounding architecture suddenly struck me: beautiful Baroque sandstone sculptures right next to GDR block buildings, just a stone’s throw away from Old Town and its sights. This is Dresden at it’s best.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream 😉

Enjoy your Easter and if you happen to visit Dresden over the weekend, make sure you get some of that nice icecream 😉

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