Wine, women and song at Schloss Wackerbarth

Cheers to the wine hostess Christina!

“I made it”! That was the first happy thought in my head and had nothing to do with wine. One long hour of a guided tour and wine tasting were behind me, an examination at the winery of Schloss Wackerbarth (Wackerbarth Palace). Guiding the management, the winemaker and the hostess coordinator through the winery I had to prove that I have at hand all the necessary data of history, construction and wine production. And I’m always extremely nervous before exams! But as I said, I made it!

Now I am officially a “wine hostess” for Schloss Wackerbarth. Since 2002 this “adventure vineyard” – the first in Europe! –  offers fine Saxonian wines and also many cultural events, such as the “Midsummer Night’s Ball”, concerts, candlelight dinners with 3 – or 5-course meals with matching Schloss Wackerbarth champagne, and  also wine or vineyard walks.The mansion in baroque style is beautifully situated on the foot of the Radebeul hill and was built for Count Christoph August von Wackerbarth. Besides the main residence you can see also its historic gardens and the pleasure palace Belvedere up the hill. Right next to the original mansion and garden, surrounded by terraced vineyards, you can see the modern wine factory, made of wood and steel. In bad weather times you are glad that you quickly escape in to the dry wine-factory and at hot days you are glad of the refreshing coolness in the fermenting cellar.

All this and much more can be seen at one of my wine tours. Based on Martin Luther’s saying “He who does not love wine, women and song, remains a fool for a lifetime”, I bring a little history of the winery and wine production in the factory closer to the guests.  Afterwards I present three wines of the house at the wine tasting. Maybe I can evoce in some of you the love for wine and especialley for wine of Schloss Wackerbarth. Cheers!

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