Spring in Bautzen – Bautzner Frühling!

Maybe you’ve already browsed our website and have seen that we do not only offer guided tours in Dresden, but also to Bautzen. This city, located only 50km east of Dresden, is more than a 1000 years old and is beautifully situated between hills and meadows, crossed by the river Spree (which, by the way, also flows through Berlin).

This is where I – Maria – was born and where I still to visit every now and then. Of course I’m not only coming there for guided tours, but also for events like family festivities, the christmas market (probably the oldest in Germany!), class reunions… you know! Next weekend will be one of these homecoming weekends, due to my favorite Bautzen fest: the Bautzner Frühling – Bautzen Spring.

Reichenstraße is dressed up for the city fair...

Reichenstraße in its festive outfit for Bautzen Spring.

Whilst other cities celebrate their local fair “sun safe” in the summer, my hometown annually prepares for the festivities on the last weekend in May. The historic Old Town is equipped with three large stages for all kinds of bands, the streets are full of handicraft and food merchants and self-made Bautzen flag are decorating the baroque street Reichenstraße.

My many memories of being part of the event program myself – be it as clarinet player in the youth orchestra or a dancing group member – will pass me when this time, I will only be watching and listening. I’ll be proud of “my” town and would really be happy if one of my readers also takes this chance for visiting the medieval town of Bautzen. See you at the Bautzner Frühling from May 24th to the 26th!


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