Small bike tour

During this bike tour through the historical quarters "Altstadt" (Old Town) and "Innere Neustadt" (New Town) in the city center of Dresden we will get an overview on Dresdens history from the city's first years until today. On the big market squares such as Old Market, New Market and Post Square we will see how different Dresden was rebuilt after the its bombing destruction of 1945.

One famous reconstruction example is Dresden's Frauenkirche (church of our Lady) with its interesting dark-and-light stone pattern. We'll take a glance at the impressive Baroque Zwinger palace and enjoy Dresden's wonderful shilouette from the viewpoint of "Canaletto's view". Near Augustus Bridge we'll meet „local hero“ Augustus the Strong as the Golden Horseman and discover the Baroque house leftovers of his time, right next to remodeled communist block buildings.

Tour length: 1,5 h

Price: 15€ per person (min. 4 persons)

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